A concept art of SAR-75

The SAR-75,or Sawed Assault Rifle Mod.75 for long,is the first model of Sar thet ever been created by the ANED's engineers.SAR-75 also was the first assault rifle with Chainsaw attachment,along with the HY-56 stinger.It's first used by ANEDES(plus 'ES' for Elite Squadron),but later it used by all of the ANED's main infantry,besides the skorpion submachinegun.The chainsaw attachment could be replaced by shock bayonet or M048 grenade launcher.This rifle could contain 50 bullet in every magazine. 


Fall Of Liberty 1-3Edit

it was appear at the first time in the Operation Crimson Dawn,when Sam mcarthur,Jameson Stiles,Sergeant Patrick,and Sergei Bucharev,were sent to Kansas city in order to destroy the Gray Army's hangar,and let the ANED infantries free from enemy's airstrike.Sam was use it as his main weapon,beside of the Ingram SMG.He also use it when fought Gray Army's commanders,such as Captain Satan,Captain Proxus,and Lord Chameleon.

Present Day's warEdit

Since 2056(Fall Of Liberty:Renaissance),the SAR-75 wasn't used anymore,and replaced by it's counterparts,SAR-50 and SAR-80.The M4A35-SM4 was still used,althought it was older version than SAR-75 


Origin/Year:United States                                                                                                                            Caliber:10X20 mm 45 ACP,10X16 mm para. ++P                                                                                     Operating System:Delayed Blowback                                                                                                           Total length:670 mm,+30 mm with chainsaw attachment                                                                                 Barrel Length:118 mm                                                                                                                                  Empty Weigth:4,3 Kg                                                                                                                             Effective Range:230 m                                                                                                                              Mags Capacity:50 rounds                                                                                                                                     ROF:800 rpm


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