Concept art of Reaper

The Reaper is a EXO-suit type vehicle used by Gray Army.It was used to counter infantry as well as Anti-aircraft.It moves using a Bipedal tank-like wheels.It is armed with a pair of 7.5 mm minigun and caliber 105 heavy machine guns.It's usually appear in groups of 2 or 3 of them,supporting Gray Army's infantry squads.


Fall Of LibertyEdit

It was first appear when an ANEDES,consist of Jameson Stiles and Sam Mcarthur,led by Sergeant Patrick,arrived at Gray Army's heavily guarded hangar.There were around of 2 or 3 dozens of Reapers were parked in the hangar,probably were being loaded into carriers and battleships to deployed in battefields.

Fall Of Liberty:RetributionEdit

A Reaper was appear in Jimenez when ANED survivors from the assault in Denver joined the MGR forces to fought Gray armies.It also appear in groups in Bogota.

Fall Of Liberty 3Edit

It frequents the battlefields across the whole America continent. It's probably were massively produced around these times because the Gray Army had suffered many defeats recently. 

Fall Of Liberty Renaissance & Rebirth:Edit

The Reapers sudddenly gone when the Gray Army's moved into Russia after being defeated in New York.There were no predecessor or counterparts of it.But there was a Gray Army's mounted gun,called "the Quadturret" that consist of miniguns and heavy machineguns.It's probably derived from the Reaper.

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