concept art of HY-56 Stinger

The HY-56 Stinger was a pulse assault rifle used by Gray Army Infantry with higher ranks,such as the ellite hybrids.It's also used by Captain Satan as his main weapon.There were some infantry used the scoped version of this gun.Deadly in short range with high firepower and ROF made it effective on close-quarter battle.This gun was the first GA weapons seen to equip mobile chainsaw below it's barrel.The Sub-machinegun version was also produced


Stinger was,probably the most GA's standard assault rifle.It's accuracy and firepower made it as the most of GA's infantry trusted weapon.The gun were first produced in planet M237HJ,according to GA's database found in Denver tower.All along the first and the second hybrid war,it's always used.


Origin/year:Planet M237HJ/UNKOWN                                                                                                                Caliber:1000 W Pulse Liquid                                                                                                                                      Operating System:Gauss trigger                                                                                                                         Total Length:700 mm(butt unfolded)                                                                                                                         Barrel Length:130 mm                                                                                                                                     Empty Weigth:4.9 Kg                                                                                                                                               Effective Range:280-320 Meters                                                                                                                       Capacity:45 rounds                                                                                                                                         ROF:970 rpm

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