a concept art of crab

The Crab is a heavy armored vehicles used by the gray army.It moves by four hydraulic feet that moves left and right,just like and actual crab.This monstrous war machine stands over 20 meters and always make a growling sound,probably used to scare their enemy.The Crab was used to support gray army's soldiers in many battles.It could turn a defeat into a victory for the Gray Armies.The human soldiers encountered this thing usually just runs away,or simply destroyed by it's heavy machineguns.It's useless to run fom it,because it pulse cannon can hit a target at 20 km in range.It's never be seen unacompanied in any battle tough it could be destroyed by air strike or heavy artilery(such as railgun).It's usually appear with some infantry squads and some bunches of drones(as seen in the above picture.


Fall Of Liberty Edit

It's appear In almost every city that the Gray army had occupied as it's main tower position, with few exception like Chicago. Sam Mcarthur and the ANED armies encountered one in operation Denver, where it kills many soldiers until it was destroyed by an air stike deployed by Major richard Ramirez.

Fall Of Liberty:RetributionEdit

A Crab appeared in Guatemala city, with some squads of infantry and Orthruses, led by Captain Satan. The Crab destroyed by a Mammoth tank drived by Sam Mcarthur when he attempt to shot Captain Satan's escaping aircraft. It also appear in Bogota, when Sam Mcarthur and Jack Grayson was ordered to rescue the human remnants there by ANED(Sam) and MGR(Jack) H.Q

Fall Of Liberty 3

a numerous packs of crab appear when both of ANED and MGR assaulted the Gray army's Main tower in Andesian mountains. It also spotted guarding Scoul's battleship fleet. Another one was seen accompanying Captain Proxus' army in New York.

Fall Of Liberty:RenaissanceEdit

It doesn't appear in both Renaissance and rebirth because it was replaced by another heavy vehicle, namely turtle, which is the descendant of Crab


PEA cannonEdit

the PEA (Proton and Electron Accelerator) Cannon are a main cannon system used by the gray army. Its system were derived from the gray army's battleship levitation engine. It could fire an electric balls from about 20 kilometer of distance. The cannon could charge the electric energy and fire it in form of a massive force beam (somewhat like a lightning strike), which is very effective in sieging enemy buildings. 

Missile swarmerEdit

a single Crab possess 4 missile launcher(two inside the hull,and the rest is inside the back of the body), which could fire multiple missiles at medium-to-long also can be used to destroy aircrafts.

Mounted gunsEdit

There are  four attached heavy machineguns chamber below the Crab's body.The two unit of the machinegun was a Caliber 105.machinegun,and the rest was Automatic cannon.

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